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Thank you RT //gejian747: //aiww Hello auntie Love. I have received your repayment, thank you very much indeed! Thank you!

RT //fakecase:【FAKE Repayments】On February 25th 2013 17 repayments totalling 10653 Yuan were made. Among which 10 repayments totalling 5000 Yuan were made with Alipay, 6 repayments totalling 5133 Yuan were remited by post and 1 repayment of 500 Yuan was wired through the bank. As of today a total of 17 006 repayments totalling 4 747 894 Yuan have been made. //aiww #FAKE-Repayments

Southern Weekly just published "10 most influential lawsuits in China in 2012". Your mother's cunt, no [mention] of the FAKE tax case. The case in China's history involving the most creditors, judicial corruption and framing. To read and understand China, read Southern Weekly. Grass Mud Horse. Pretentious bastards, Southern Weekly go to hell.

Havent returned all the money to the creditors, boohoo RT //xwmz2011: The last 24 hours! tick tack! RT //aiww //wangwusi //mimimaoer

Smallest amounts first - Ai cashes back to his supporters

RT //fakecase [Repayment Day Three] On October 31. 2012 821 payments totalling 4689.20 Yuan was made. In three days a grand total of 1779 payments have been made, totalling 6096.6 Yuan. 89 payments were unsuccesful because the creditors' accounts "have not been activated". Adding up the 70 payments that have already been made, total repayments add up to 2,517,148 Yuan. //ai

FAKE tax case, explanation of current debt situation and payback plan

Let him go bankrupt first. RT //inkfisherman: I want to know how I can lend money to Teacher Ai //aiww

FAKE Ltd. is no more,“the actual controller” is still here.

RT //iChinadian: Ai Weiwei firm to be closed down by Chinese authorities by //TaniaBranigan #China //Aiww #AiWeiwei

RT //freeaiwwblog: Ai WeiWei loses the battle, but wins the war //aiww via //Phaidon #freeaiww

necessary RT //daofeichang: This year's catchphrase appeared before its time: We lose a battle to win the war. //aiww 【Last year's phrase was: The creditor era is here,time really goes by fast】

RT //wufake: British The Guardian:Ai Weiwei's studio to be closed down by Chinese authorities. Chinese officials said this weekend they were removing Fake Cultural Development's business license because it had not met annual registration requirements.

I said two sentences in court, I asked the presiding judge, are you a party member? I said: Disgrace, you will all be remembered.