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Slightly more than the number of party members RT //ushatel: 100 000 000 hand made seeds //aiww

Tate gallery buys 8 million of Ais sunflower seeds

Will come after the show is over RT //ArchiYuan: //aiww Haha, will you come to the Tate again before the show is over?

RT //chubbybannister: Seems oddly appropriate I have come to see the work of //aiww at Tate now he is under house arrest.

Congratulations. Ai Weiwei's ceramic sunflower seeds have become politically sensitive ceramic overnight.

Actually I really wanna give... RT //sherrill19: //aiww Actually I really wanna get...

I didn't sell them, they are pirated, but I really don't mind. //cloudbleu: //aiww The number of sales for your sunflower seeds on Taobao is 1,510 sales...Old Ai you have great appeal.

Early May next year RT //hELLoELL: //aiww Until when is the exhibition? Maybe I can quickly pop by for a visit.

RT //LilHayah: "Look at me using 100 million tadpoles to cover the entire Kleenex" - A Beijing netizen's comment for Teacher //aiww's porcelain sunflower seeds on Netease.

Uses my photo, so it's hard to say. //365t And is this your "edition"? RT //aiww: Saw it. //daigaolee: //aiww Tao Bao still is really selling it.

RT //fredsun512: Your seeds are a CNN top story: Tate porcelain seeds 'could damage health' - #cnn //aiww

The seeds are not poisonous. The dust is harmful. //ragingbullet: //aiww God Ai, when all is said and done, are your seeds poisonous?

The Guardian’s Ed Vulliamy profiles Ai Weiwei

He left Beijing for the Olympics, “not as a boycott – as some have said,” he explained. “I don’t want to have to talk about it all the time. I am much more interested in what is going to happen to [the stadium] after the Games. I would like it to become a place where people like to go, bring their children or can come for mass weddings, or maybe mass divorces or, best of all, to have barbecues together.’

Preview is Monday. The public opening is Tuesday. RT //alicexu914: //aiww Can you confirm. The exhibition at the Tate opens next Monday? I see the Tate web site writes that it begins Tuesday? I want to go see it the first time! Hey.