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I heard it too RT //libeichen: //aiww //sodagranndy Liu Xiaoyuan is busy,at that time at the police department I remember him yelling passionately, auntie is a world renowned artist..

a morose person RT //liu_xiaoyuan: //windsea11 //aiww My family is really upset with me,she didn't challenge the police's illegal actions, but said that I was stirring up trouble. This kind of thinking really makes me angry.

FAKE colleague took Liu Xiaoyuan’s belongings to the designated location, a white Hyundai drove by and stopped 100 meters in front of the toilet, a big guy leaped out near the FAKE colleague, asking for Liu’s belongings, colleague demanded confirmation of his identity, big guy phoned Liu Xiaoyuan, Liu Xiaoyuan, speaking rapidly, requested transfer of his belongings. Big guy took the items, ran quickly in the opposite direction, leaped into another black Hyundai and rode off into the night. Liu has been kidnapped.

Liu Xiaoyuan once again lost his personal freedom because of FAKE’s tax case, flight just after 8 o’clock, forced to leave by the Beijing public security. RT //hlkalin: //aiww //liu_xiaoyuan Good morning.

The Guardian on Ai Weiweis missing laywer

Ai Weiwei was told not to attend court 

from Reuters, Beijing

I can refrain from going to court, please just release Liu Xiaoyuan.

Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan informed by phone at 8:30 last night that the Beijing Public Security Bureau wanted to talk, has not returned, mobile phone off. As Ai Weiwei’s legal advisor, missing once again.

Six times RT //liu_xiaoyuan: Sohu Tencent NetEase portal, today's front-page headline is "U.S.A publishes country report on human rights discrediting the human rights situation in China". As a Chinese citizen who went missing last year and was deprived of the right to a lawyer, I think the U.S. attacking Chinese human rights is messed up. It's really "a poor performance". I believe with all my heart what the officials say; the human rights condition in China is five times better than in the U.S.

U.S. State Department's spokeperson Victoria Nuland's statement about Chen Guangcheng: "Today the Chinese government said that Chen Guangcheng enjoys the same right to travel abroad as any other citizens of China. An American university has offered Mr. Chen a fellowship and he can be accompanied by his wife and two children". Ai Weiwei, Lu Qing, Liu Xiaoyuan, Mo Da etc. don't have this right.

If we haven't heard anything in 24 hours, I'll go look for her. RT //liu_xiaoyuan: I just called Liu Yanping's phone which was turned off. I remember when I was summoned to Panjiayuan police station last year, [I think] the police forgot to demand that I turn off my phone. I was able to send a lot of messages and tweets. //aiww Why don't you go and look for her?

Lovable Liu RT //dishikun This...Liu lawyer is very naïve... RT //liu_xiaoyuan Pearl helped Chen Guangcheng to escape illegal house arrest, the behaviour of one standing up bravely for a just cause. I could never have imagined that the police, rather than commending her heroic act, instead arrested her. Could it be that the police do not have a sense of right or wrong, or the rule of law? I really don't know what reason the police could have for seizing Pearl.

Liu Xiaoyuan: In two days it's the 14th of April. That's the anniversary of the day I also went missing. This case didn't just violate my personal freedom, it also put my family in distress and had a serious impact on my lawyer practice. Now the annual lawyer inspection for 2012 has started, but our 2011 inspection is still in the pipeline.

Within 100 meters of our door, there are 13 video cameras with various functions all facing 258 Caochangdi. Liu Xiaoyuan has seen them too.

Don't know why Liu Xiaoyuan leaving the country would endanger national safety, what we know is that the nation is getting less and less safe.

I took Liu Xiaoyuan back, sigh, blame his name for resembling Super Liu too much.