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Tagged birthday
Love you and you all. RT //XiaoWeiSUN: //aiww Aunt of Love happy birthday. We love you.

Auntie Festival RT //dxtrwu5: //aiww Auntie Ai, happy birthday. Twitter and a festival are similar.

Mmhmm RT //weakilluminant: //aiww Wishing a happy birthday to the Virgo Teacher Ai.

Not late RT //jingwong1989: //aiww Auntie, I found out so late that it's your birthday. Is it not late to say happy birthday?

Mmhmm RT //dgatterdam: //aiww Happy Happy Happy!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Heehee RT //kyuoft: //aiww Just learned how to use Twitter, so I found Ai Weiwei, happy! Wish Ai Weiwei a happy birthday! You are the source of inspiration during my depressed moments.

Haha RT //H292567825: //aiww //dook404 The people of Guangxi send a message: Old Ai, Happy Birthday!

Hap-hap-happy RT //00y03: //suas_ua //Danmuzhiyu //aiww Happy birthday!

Mmhmm RT //laoladen: //aiwwlong long time long time, haven't been online to see you. Happy birthday, my boy ! :D

Thank you RT //HtodYuan: //aiww Heard you're celebrating your birthday. Happy birthday to you. Although I don't know you very well, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday.

Enjoy RT //ruanji: //aiww In European time it's still your birthday. Wish you a happy birthday. Blessings from Montpellier cc//thisisrui

Happy RT //KloeChau: //aiww Happy Birthday!

Kiss RT //ausede: //aiww Happy birthday hug hug kiss kiss

Yaya RT //yanjinyu: //aiww Wish God Ai happy birthday! Much much love!!

Happy RT //Wingyw: //aiww Aunt Ai, happy birthday! Today I received the sunflower seeds, T-shirt and documentaries. Too happy! The T-shirt fits my body very well. The quality is also good. Love it! Thank you Aunt Ai!