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Tagged Zhao Lianhai
All the family members, of the one hit by Li Gang's son, of Lianhai, of Shanghai are all the same. RT //Lichtia: Does anyone know how Li Gang's son and the family members of the student that he hit and killed are doing? //aiww //wentommy //duyanpili //Pengxiaoyun

If a person who fights for freedom can give up freedom for a transaction at anytime, I despise such cheap freedom. RT //kangkang220: Clear RT //wurenhua: Hoping Zhao Lianhai is free is one issue, in which manner should Zhao Lianhai get freedom is another issue, they cannot be confused as the same discussion.

Occupied zone. RT //wentommy: Rushed to Zhao Lianhai's home in the afternoon, wanted to give some snacks that //Suyutong got from Germany to little Pengrui. It was impossible to get near. From the district gate to the unit's door of less than 50m, there's an estimate of 30-40 assorted security, guard officials on duty, one needs a permit to enter the unit. Li Xuemei's family is no longer under house arrest, it's surrounded. //aiww

What is a lawful society? RT //kirk1031: UK Guardian: Zhao Lianhai gives up appeal. The Daily Telegraph: China's 'toxic milk' father sacks lawyers as appeal window expires Wall Street Journal: China's spoiled milk protest

Phantoms RT //Kelly_feb: What is it that make them so afraid, to the point of treating Zhao Lianhai in such a fearful way~~Only the headline that I posted on Sina microblog, plus retweets totaled to about 100 censored posts~~ //aiww One Zhao Lianhai, makes one cannot resist shivering all over.

If we don't speak for Zhao Lianhai, Tan Zuoren, and Wu Yuren today, one will still be Chinese in his next life.

A tough guy. RT //tatamama: Zhao Lianhai, who was impassioned in court, has now fired his lawyer, with such a huge difference, everything happened in between happened inside the prison...trembling with fear. RT //aiww One Zhao Lianhai, makes one cannot resist shivering all over.

Good night, Zhao Lianhai, Wu Yuren, Tan Zuoren...You know those things are not worthwhile, yet you do them anyway.

Zhao Lianhai is an interrogation of ethics for the Chinese people today.

Mother, child, father, are there still any meaning for these terms in China? RT //freemoren: (Photograph) Zhao Lianhai's wife RT //aiww: RT //duyanpili: - Li Xuemei and children crying outside the Daxing Court.

RT //mranti: The people who poisoned children are innocent, but the child's father was sentenced, this is modern China. RT //zhangjialong: The evidences listed in court: Accepting an interview and attracted an audience. Attending a gathering for 9/11 with 10-odd parents. Protesting with a banner at a Hebei court.

The biggest difference from Liu "sans enemies". RT //liuyun1989: RT //pufei: The misjudgment of Brother Zhao Lianhai, once again displayed that the system has three enemies, and sets an example of a rising nation. The enemies are: universal value, fairness and righteousness, freedom and democracy.

The pitiful judicial system. RT //wentommy: Lawyer Li Fangping said that he just went to the court for a review. In the evidences supplied by the police, the videos shot on-site by "the victim", Officer Lau, regarding Wu Yuren's obstruction of public duty at the Jiuxianqiao police station, have four documents in which three could not be opened, and one has no content when it was opened. //yanglicai //zuzhou

First it was Tan Zuoren, then it was Zhao Lianhai, now it's Wu Yuren, if you don't see that violence is getting closer and closer to you, then you are a part of the violence.