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Tagged Wang Lijun
Wang Lijun observes Chen Guangcheng and regrets that before leaving voluntarily, he somehow never expressed a desire to study at West Point Military Academy.



Wang Lijun was vice-mayor and head of the PSB in Chongqing under Bo Xilai. On 6 February, he visited the US Consulate in Chengdu, leaving of his own volition approximately 24 hours later.

The United States Military Academy at West Point is a service academy located in New York.

I need to be braver, [Wang] Lijun said to himself RT //kappaer1: //kappaer1 //aiww something major really happened

Mhm //liu_xiaoyuan This is no "awaiting trial after obtaining a guarantor", this is completely a "vacation style treatment". RT //aiww: //veggiewang I get up 7 in the morning, wash up, have oatmeal for breakfast. Log onto Twitter. Work on projects, give interviews. Working lunch consists of three dishes and one soup. After lunch I take a walk in the park. Spend time with my kid, go shopping, chat. For dinner I have both Chinese and Western food and meet with friends. Log onto Twitter. Midnight. Good night.

Wang Lijun is mentally ill. I'm afraid this is the most heartening conclusion for the people, promoting his leader to the same likelihood. A general investigation into the mental issues of all leaders and cadres, party-wide and nationwide, is imminent. Brook no delay.

Wang Lijun, on the eve of Xi Jinping's visit to America, rushed to the American consulate for protection and was treated by the Americans as a hostage for trade. This seems more like a reasonable speculation.

Wang Li Jun is an excellent member of our party in these extraordinary times. He took it on himself to arrange business for vice-chairman Xi's visit to America.

Who are, more than Wang Lijun, Sima Nan, Hu Xijin and the like, better able to amuse this country's public sphere, to ridicule its characteristic value system, to accurately express the delicate relationship between the mainstream opinion in today's China and the value of the individual, and to vent this nation's feelings of madness and despair? Hehe.