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Tagged Liu Yanping
May 5. 2:21am I received a text from Liu Yanping: I was just released. Because I gave a birthday cake to Chen Guangcheng's son this afternoon I was carried into the hospital by 7, 8 plainclothes policemen and security guards. Later I was questioned at Hujialou police station for 9 hours, suspected of disturbing social order. Thanks.

If I am arrested too RT //RaymondMa_: //aiww Those of us who have not received our IOU's yet, should we go to the police station to request one?

Yes, every penny. RT //xiaoguo007: //aiww I also want to go and look for Yanping, she is the one taking care the IOUs and all that, right?

RT //ZhouFengSuo: YanPing //duyanpili still in police custody after she tried to deliver a birthday cake to #ChenGuangCheng's son, Kerui.

If Liu Yanping is in trouble, I'll go and look for V.I.P. Guangcheng.

If we haven't heard anything in 24 hours, I'll go look for her. RT //liu_xiaoyuan: I just called Liu Yanping's phone which was turned off. I remember when I was summoned to Panjiayuan police station last year, [I think] the police forgot to demand that I turn off my phone. I was able to send a lot of messages and tweets. //aiww Why don't you go and look for her?

I just called Hujialou police station and inquired about Liu Yanping's arrest. I was told it was "not convenient to disclose". I left my name "Ai Weiwei", the officer on duty said "I know." Hujialou police station's phone number: 010 65021574.

//Nanjuxi 010-65021574 Bejing Hujialou police station

//86-dili I just made a call and it is indeed Hujialou police station! I asked them about Liu Yanping, [but] they said they were not certain! //XiaoShu-ziyou: 65021574 - Hujialou police station, I just called [and asked]: when can you release Liu Yanping [so that] she can come home?The police officer replied: We are not sure either, please have patience.

@liu_xiaoyuan: Do you really man to say that even giving away a cake is illegal? The police are too overbearing. //weiquanwang //XiaoYi-buzaziyou: I've returned home already, I was just at Hujialou police station, the police officer refused me and @haitāo1975 to wait for Liu Yanping in the reception hall and said that they didn't know when she would be released. I'm afraid there won't be any news tonight. When she is released they will contact [us so that we] can pick her up....65021574 is the police station's phone number.

17.30 in the afternoon on May 4th 2012 when Liu Yanping @duyanpili was on her way to Chaoyang hospital in Beijing to give Chen Guangcheng's son a [birthday] cake she was arrested by police on the first floor of a building close to the hospital's north gate.