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The most bewildering question National Security asked me: "When did Chen Guangcheng meet with Gary Locke?" "Were you present when Chen Guangcheng and Gary Locke met?" Could it be that National Security's own intelligence has confirmed they already met? Or are they using subjective speculation and fake questions to probe me? No way to be sure. Earlier, I hoped they would meet at Dongshigu Village; now, even though they have already met at the US Embassy, I can only say I regret the meeting didn't take place earlier. :)

Ah RT //duyanpili: Just now, a staff member at Tongzhou District's Zhongcang Police Station gave me a special call to 'refute rumours': the information he had just given [me] was incorrect, he did not have all the information about the situation, and in fact, Hu Jia was currently asleep. Everyone was asleep! --Finally, I know what 'trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous' means. You have been interrogating for 11 hours straight now. #AutoShare

Hu Jia sitting on a chair. Hmm, they can't be treating him like a VIP. RT //zengjinyan Someone from the local police station is coming to get Hu Jia's antivirals, his police summons has already lasted 24 hours. I asked where Hu Jia was going to sleep, they said they'd get a chair. Right now there are still people at Zhongcang Police Station.

RT //hu_jia National Security personnel have been following Gao Yushan for more than thirty hours. He spent last night and tonight in a hotel, and could be taken by National Security at any time. I have received Yushan's trust, and I will state his original words: "The whole of China is connected to me and Guangcheng (escaped from a black jail). If the (Police) want to find me, they'll all come and find me, it has nothing to do with Pearl. Appeal for Nanjing to release Pearl." Guangcheng, this is the group of brothers and sisters you have.

RT //hu_jia: Today the number of police and police cars on Beijing's streets has increased. This afternoon, driving past the US Embassy's east gate on Tianze Road, I couldn't help but open the right-hand side car window and wave towards the inside. Apart from a few security personnel in cars behind me, nobody could see my gesture. Guangcheng, dear brother, seven years of injustice and you are finally safe. But true freedom is still very far off.

RT : 今天北京街头的警车和警察增多。下午开车经过天泽路的美国大使馆东门,情不自禁的打开右侧前窗,向里面招招手。除了跟在身后的那几辆车的国保,没有人会看得到我的举动。光诚,亲爱的兄弟,7年的冤狱,你终于安全了。但离真正的自由还很遥远。


Hu Jia is a Chinese activist and friend of Chen Guangcheng. He recently reported that Guangcheng had entered the US Embassy, a claim the embassy has yet to confirm.

RT //hu_jia: In the morning of November 28, Zeng Jinyan applied for renewal of her Hong Kong-Macau access permit at the border control reception hall of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, Tongzhou District Branch. After a variety of processes that lasted for an hour, the conclusion was "Forbidden to leave the country". Indeed, since February 2007, after a month's stay in Hong Kong, Jinyan hasn't been able to head to Hong Kong nor leave the country...