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Haha, thanks. //IreHovel: My 100th tweet I give entirely to //aiww. I have a screenshot to confirm. RT //smallzeal: //aiww God Ai, everyday I tweet at least once. As soon as my 100th tweet, can you send me a T-shirt with a picture of your portrait or Tan Zuoren's!! It's also okay if I buy it!!!

Hello //OoO_river: //aiww God Ai, this is the first time I give you tweets. Number 499 I send to you!

Got it. //cheeq: //aiww 4400, I send to Uncle.

Uh-huh, thanks RT //Lovinamy: //aiww The 1400th tweet, presenting to God Ai who made me more awake

Not failing, not failing RT //shitflying: //aiww I've come at last to 200! God Ai has received! Also he will certainly offer a blessing that I don't fail my exams!

Mmhmm, great. RT //BenMQ: The 7100th tweet I offer up to God Ai //aiww. I also come to participate in the 100 Tweets Activity.

Likewise, applause. //vikivone: Tweet 6700!!! I give Old Man Ai //aiww ~~~~~~””\\( ̄ー ̄) ( ̄ー ̄)//””[Applause applause]

Ha, received. RT //psuidt: My 500th tweet I give to Uncle Ai. //aiww

Thank you //Mailanwuse: //aiww Tweet 400, I tweet to Weiwei.

Mm //BigBird2046: //aiww My 200th tweet I offer to elder brother Ai~ Giving~

Okay. RT //bressanon84: I give my 15000th tweet to Teacher Ai. //aiww.

With a hundred pushes, the wall will fall. RT //nostoryboy: //aiww What's the meaning of the 100 tweets activity? Seeking an explanation.

百推墙倒 RT @nostoryboy: @aiww 百推活动是啥意思啊?求解。


In Chinese, the character for ‘to push’ 推 is the same as ‘tweet’ or the first character of Twitter 推特

The 100 tweets activity ends at midnight on July 19, except for the 250th tweet, all entries count in hundreds. After tweeting, post-80, post-90 Twitter friends please send your name, mobile number, address, birth date and screen shot of number of tweets to for verification. Limit to one submission per person, repetitions are void.

After some research, yes RT //FreeGing: Does it work with 2,500 tweets! RT //aiww Every post-80, post-90 Twitter friend who dedicates his or her 100th or 250th tweet to me will receive a present. Ladies get two. Send your address and phone number to:

经研究,行呢 RT @FreeGing: 两千五行不!RT @aiww: 凡是将第一百推、第二百五十推送给我的八零、九零后推友将获得回送礼品一件。若是女生将得到两件。地址电话邮至