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May 13

to remember the 5 year anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, we made #flowers #aiflowers ,everyone is welcome to share, download and repost. #aiflowers Value life, refuse to forget. -

纪念汶川地震5周年,我们做了#花 #aiflowers ,希望大家分享,下载,转贴。#aiflowers 尊重生命,拒绝遗忘。


Apr 28

Has Ai Weiwei’s life overshadowed his art ?

Question asked and answered by Jonathan Jones

published on the JonathanJonesonArtblog of The Gurdian

April, 24th 2013

Apr 08

release, release, release, give Xu Wei back his freedom #free Xu Wei -



One week ago, Xu Wei participated in the filming of my MV, acting as assistant cameraman to Christopher Doyle. So the horrible police undertook some shameless, shady work. -



Illegally disappearing people, illegally taking people into custody, with force, violence, regarding citizens' lives and human rights as dung and dirt. #free Xu Wei -



I don't want to live happy days anymore , Xu Wei, I'm coming to get you. -



At around 2AM last night, Xu Wei's girlfriend saw Xu at the local police station in Gaobeidian. The first thing he whispered into her ear was about Ai. Fucking hell. I'm on my way to Gaobeidian now, and then to the Civil Aviation General Hospital. Xu Wei stammered out a few words: "drank tea, naked, bruised". He was beaten by a number of police officers. You're so fucking hardcore, coming to find me, running into my friend, losing face. Now I'm going to the hospital to find you. Xu Wei, don't be afraid. -



To “drink tea” with the police is to be interrogated, usually regarding political activities. More here.


A police officer arrived at my house and said that (Xu Wei) was detained after a fight. At the very least, those other police who made promises to me before were lying. A soft little cameraman disappearing for nearly 30 hours because of a fight? I've never heard of that happening before. RT //JJYSuper: //aiww There's people on Weibo saying Xu Wei has already been found. Is that true? -

一个警察到了他家里,说是打架被拘留了。至少之前公安是对我信誓旦旦说了谎,一个文弱的摄影因打架失踪近三十个小时?我第一次听说。 RT @JJYSuper: @aiww 微博上有人称徐伟已经找到 是否属实??


I just called the police and informed them of my identity. They made it clear that the cameraman Xu Wei is not being held by the Beijing police, and are currently contacting the city's criminal police to arrange an investigation. Stay tuned. -



My friend Xu Wei has already been missing for more than 24 hours. Before he went missing, he was acting as an assistant on one of my short films. When seeking assistance from the police, his family were repeatedly fobbed off for one reason after another. When there is a threat to a person's life, and the nation that spends 700 billion on maintaining stability refuses to help, I can only conclude that that person is in the nation's hands. -


Apr 06

Collection of accounts [of events related to Mr. Ai's arrest two years ago] by Ai Weiwei's studio and friends #81天 -

艾未未工作室及朋友的讲述汇总 #81天


The first night two years ago, I slept soundly on a mattress. -



Apr 03

The account of Ai Weiwei studio's Xu Ye #81days (4) -

艾未未工作室徐烨的讲述 #81天 (4)


The account of Ai Weiwei studio's Liu Yanping #81days (3) -

艾未未工作室刘艳萍的讲述 #81天 (3)


The experience of Lu Qing on April 3, 2011 #81days (2) -

路青2011.04.03的经历 #81天 (2)


Lu Qing is Ai Weiwei’s wife