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Posted On June 12, 2012
It's all your fault. RT //roy1911: auntie, I talked about you to a bunch of people, but none of them knew who you were. QT //aiww: [you are all] drunk RT //libeizhen: auntie, I'm drinking with a bunch of people //aiww, we talked about you, everyone admire you.

Ha RT //jacubious: //aiww Today I was teaching Jenny how to ride a bike. Since I have to leave China for home I think you should tell her to practice everyday. I'm afraid she'll give it up if noone tells her to practice.

Ai Weiwei likes to come to London

Ai Weiwei is still banned from leaving China and can not see his 2012 London pavilion.

On June 2nd BBC broadcasted their interview with Ai Weiwei about his current situation:

Send her your deepest regards RT //huyangs: //aiww I've heard so much about you. I watched BBC's documentary about you. Is there still hope for the great "motherland"?

it's mutual RT //xueshigao2: //aiww //huyangs she [the motherland] continues to stop by and greet fatty Ai

Go ahead. RT //masijun: auntie, I downloaded your documentaries "Laoma Tihua" and "So sorry" as well as BBC's "Justice". I'd like to burn the files to disc and distribute them to people I know who are interested. I don't if auntie would allow that or not //aiww